Libussa Unbound

Mythical heroine with a thousand faces

Libussa, mythical prophetess who foresaw the glory of Prague, judge and ruler over men, lives a new life in the digital age also, thanks to spiritual seekers and contemporary artists. We can meet Libussa as the founder of school of witchcraft and wizardry in Poland, mascot of Czech bronies - fans of My Little Pony series, or contemporary Libussa priestesses.
How can knowing Libussa enrich us? Why is this prophetess visionary still attracting fantasy lovers, feminists and neopagans?

The film was made with the financial support of the Czech Film Fund and Prague City Hall.

Director:  Taťána Marková
Cinematography: Dalibor Fencl, Petr Vejslík, Nataša Dudinski, Taťána Marková
Editing: Šárka Sklenářová
Animation: Alžběta Beránková, Jaroslav Polenský
Sound: Vojtěch Knot, Jaroslav Fryš
Running time: 63 min
Year of production: 2019

Trailer 1, trailer 2


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