Into Life

The Koutecký - Slušný team cordially invite you into an environment that you would perhaps not have the courage to visit alone - a world full of joy and pain, anxiety and relief. The film follows the action at the first-rate work site of the Regional Hospital in Prague, which specialises in childbirth and the subsequent care of particularly critical cases of premature babies.

Director: Pavel Koutecký
Cinematopgrahy: Stano Slušný
Music: Jan Burian
Sound: Michal Houdek
Editing: Jan Petras
Dramaturgy: Jan Burian
Runnig time: 58 min
Year of production: 1997

© Czech television


Tell me something about yourself – THE MATURING OF EVIL – Milan

Over the course of six years, the film-makers traced the story of a boy who hardly knew the meaning of freedom – he either spent his life in a children’s home or in prison. He never saw love or hope. Such deprivation could only bring grim consequences.

A unique film series begun by director Helena Trestikova in the spring of 1989 using an unusual and singular technique whereby the lives of the film subjects are filmed over a number of years and told within the confines of one film. The material was filmed in a correctional facility for young people in Libkovice over a period of between two and five years. The films capture not only the changes in the lives of the individual protagonists, but also the changes to the whole of society.

The film was made with the financial support of the State fund of the Czech Republic for the support and development of Czech cinematography.

Director, script: Helena Třeštíková
Cinematography: Martin Kubala, Libor Brůha
Editing: Jan Petras, Martin Steklý
Runnig time: 38 min
Year ofproduction: 1997

© Kratky Film Praha, a.s., Film & Sociology Foundation, Helena Trestikova, 1997

Montenegro – a Land on the Edge of Europe

Montenegro – the Venetians’ term for “Black Mountain”. This documentary film describes the contrasts of this country, the smallest of the former Yugoslav republics.

Director: Petr Slavík
Runnig time: 55 min
Year of production: 1997

© Czech television

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