What to Tell the Kids?

"Toy stories" of the Velvet Revolution.

In 2014 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia. What should we tell the kids about what happened before they were even born? For them, it is the distant past. We don't want the kids to get bored, so let's tell it to them as a story.

We'll take some toys and act out the Story of the Revolution.

Director, script: Miroslav Trejtnar, Taťána Marková
Cinematography: Libor Kozák, Dalibor Fencl
Sound: Jiří Koťátko, Jan Richtr, Miroslav Šimčík
Editing: Matouš Outrata
Dramaturgy: Jan Gogola ml.
Runnig time: 27 min
Year of production: 2014

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