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Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)

It’s spring in Prague every year / It’s the Prague Spring every year, Opus No. 1

Someone has to stand in front of the viola, behind the viola, I want to start playing now. A peep under the skirt of classical music with Pavel Koutecký’s film crew.
Sex, faith, children, the poetry of ordinary things and the voices of angels. Or, put another way: the orchestra as a big circus, conducting as provoking people to the very edge, the solo as communication with a partner. Or put yet another way: seeking a link with the past, the endeavour to achieve (elusive) perfection, the struggle with unforeseen obstacles.
What is a music festival: Ladies in front of their dressing-table mirror? The feeling that you were (together with others) actually there? The concentration of exceptional people and exceptional feats? An opportunity for discovery, for experiences, for encounters?
Something noble yet languishing on the fringes of society’s interest? The culmination of long-term, difficult work?
It’s spring in Prague every year is a project which dismantles the stereotypes associated with the presentation of so-called serious music in the media. A certain rigidity, tedium and overwrought officialdom create a barrier between this sphere and the general public.
Opus No. 1 consists of two principal lines and two secondary themes. Encounter – two clarinetists. A Czech and Israeli clarinetist rehearse a double concerto. First, they sing it to each other down the telephone and email photos of the dresses ... Then they get together and discover that each has been practising a different version of the work.
Oratorio – Conductor, soloists and the others. Getting ready to perform Dvořák’s St Ludmila, from the soloists’ piano rehearsals through to the full rehearsal. We have the fulfilment of the conductor’s vision right before our eyes – and our ears.
BBC orchestra – moving the circus. What does it mean to shift a full orchestra from one place to the next, and what is it like to play every day in a different concert hall and sleep in a different bed.
Ebony Orchestra – civility, peculiarity, obscenity…? In a contrapuntal blend with the stately oratorio, we are given three chapters about a concert held in honour of E.F. Burian.
Directed by: Pavel Koutecký
Script: Pavel Koutecký
DOP: Stano Slušný
Sound: Zdeněk Taubler
Dramaturgy: Hana Stibralová
Original idea: Pavel Koutecký
Running time: 58 min
Year of production: 2005

Four Velvet Men Then and Now


Tuesday, 05 June 2018 16:58
Cena Pavla Kouteckého, která se letos dočkala již 12. ročníku, byla udělana v rámci nového festivalu dokumentárního filmu ELBE DOCK. Hlavní ocenění získal dokument Švéd v žigulíku (Petr Horký). Jako nejlepší krátkometrážní dokument byl oceněn snímek Úhorná (Matěj Šmelko) a Zvláštní uznání poroty získal film Nic jako dřív (Klára Tasovská, Lukáš More...
Tuesday, 22 May 2018 04:45
The film Olga directed by Miroslav Janek will be screened in Budapest June 1 2018 at the COURAGE-Parevo International Documentary Film Festival dedicated to the counterculture, dissent and cultural opposition in the former socialist countries in Eastern Europe. Further screenings will take place in Warsaw, Zagreb, Bucharest, Bratislava and Prague. COURAGE-PAREVO International Documentary More...
Friday, 20 March 2015 12:31
Film Nataši Dudínské a Taťány Markové Holky z fildy / Revolution Girls byl uveden na festivalu PAREVO v Evropském centru Solidarity v Gdaňsku. V přehlídce dokumentárních filmů ilustrujících společenské proměny v zemích Visegrádské čtyřky v uplynulých pětadvaceti letech reprezentoval Českou More...

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