Film & Sociology has made from its establishment in 1991 more than 170 documentary films directed by the leading Czech documentary filmmakers.


Film & Sociology  is the producer of the film Citizen Havel - the most successful documentary film on the Czech cinema circuit since 1989.

Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)

The end of Czechoslovakia in Parliament

The film captures the tragi-comic atmosphere in the famous building between the National Museum and the State Theatre at the end of 1992 - in particular, the atmosphere of the lobby.
To decide to bring the State to an end, even if the end cannot be avoided, is not an easy one. Particularly when, at the beginning, all members proclaim their fundamental and opposing attitudes. The film shows the parliamentary community as it stands before an unusual task, it captures the uncertainty of fragile relations, attempts at negotiation, lack of communication, suspicion, tactics, the way the Members work and their theatrical performances. The camera follows them not only in the assembly hall but also out into the lobby after sessions. Despite the fact that the Deputies were willing to allow the film crew to watch them „on the sly“, the film also tries to go behind the scenes and the speeches in order to show, at least to a certain extent, how politics are made. Over the three months when the film-makers visited the Federal Assembly, the discussions about the termination of the common state transformed themselves into a drama full of apprehension and tension. With each new meeting, the film moves towards the funeral wake held in honour of the former Federation.
Directed by: Pavel Koutecký
Original idea: Pavel Koutecký
DOP: Stano Slušný
Running time: 75 min
Year of production: 1993

Four Velvet Men Then and Now


Tuesday, 05 June 2018 16:58
Cena Pavla Kouteckého, která se letos dočkala již 12. ročníku, byla udělana v rámci nového festivalu dokumentárního filmu ELBE DOCK. Hlavní ocenění získal dokument Švéd v žigulíku (Petr Horký). Jako nejlepší krátkometrážní dokument byl oceněn snímek Úhorná (Matěj Šmelko) a Zvláštní uznání poroty získal film Nic jako dřív (Klára Tasovská, Lukáš More...
Tuesday, 22 May 2018 04:45
The film Olga directed by Miroslav Janek will be screened in Budapest June 1 2018 at the COURAGE-Parevo International Documentary Film Festival dedicated to the counterculture, dissent and cultural opposition in the former socialist countries in Eastern Europe. Further screenings will take place in Warsaw, Zagreb, Bucharest, Bratislava and Prague. COURAGE-PAREVO International Documentary More...
Friday, 20 March 2015 12:31
Film Nataši Dudínské a Taťány Markové Holky z fildy / Revolution Girls byl uveden na festivalu PAREVO v Evropském centru Solidarity v Gdaňsku. V přehlídce dokumentárních filmů ilustrujících společenské proměny v zemích Visegrádské čtyřky v uplynulých pětadvaceti letech reprezentoval Českou More...

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